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Blazer Basketball Shot Club

The Eastside Blazers Boys Basketball program is competing in a offseason basketball shot club with the goal to have Blazer basketball players shoot 10K-30K shots from June 3rd till November 10th.


This program is going to be for students entering grades 5-12 who plan on playing basketball next school season at either the junior high or high school level. The way the program works is fairly simple and is based on the honor system, students will have an online google doc that they will complete on a daily basis by typing in the amount of game like shots they took that day. These shots can happen at our summer open gyms and or independently at home, another gym, AAU practice. 

A reward system is also going to be in place as added motivation. Students who shoot 10K shots will receive a free team polo, 20K shots will receive joggers, and 30K shots will receive a team hoodie. These prizes will be passed out during the basketball season.


More information will presented at the parent meeting May 20th at 5:30pm in the cafeteria at Eastside High.

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